swMATH ID: 33009
Software Authors: AVISPA Research Group
Description: ntccSim: A simulation tool of timed concurrent processes. ntccSim is a simulation tool developed by AVISPA Research Group in the Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP) language Mozart-Oz in order to run program specifications in ntcc, a timed CPP process calculus proposed by Dr. Frank Valencia. ntccSim allows one to simulate the operational behaviour of the basic ntcc constructs as well as to declare procedure and recursive process definitions. An important feature of this tool is that several constraint systems can be included in the same model. For instance, constraints over finite domains (FD) and real intervals (XRI) have been used to implement some constraint-based computational models of biological systems. In the current version of ntccSim only these two constraint systems are supported.
Homepage: http://cic.puj.edu.co/~jg/ntccSim/
Related Software: SPIN; Ntccrt; Rules2CP; OpenMusic; Gelisp
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