swMATH ID: 3301
Software Authors: Tolun, Mehmet R.; Sever, Hayri; Uludaǧ, Mahmut; Abu-Soud, Saleh M.
Description: ILA-2: An inductive learning algorithm for knowledge discovery We describe the ILA-2 rule induction algorithm, which is the improved version of a novel Inductive Learning Algorithm (ILA). We first outline the basic algorithm ILA, and then present how the algorithm is improved using a new evaluation metric that handles uncertainty in the data. By using a new soft computing metric, users can reflect their preferences through a penalty factor to control the performance of the algorithm. Inductive learning algorithm has also a faster pass criteria feature which reduces the processing time without sacrificing much from the accuracy that is not available in basic ILA.par We experimentally show that the performance of ILA-2 is comparable to that of well-known inductive learning algorithms, namely, CN2, OC1, ID3, and C4.5.
Homepage: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/019697299125037
Keywords: ILA-2 rule induction algorithm
Related Software: C4.5
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1 Cybernetics and Systems

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