swMATH ID: 33039
Software Authors: Feurer, Matthias; Klein, Aaron; Eggensperger, Katharina; Springenberg, Jost; Blum, Manuel; Hutter, Frank
Description: Auto-sklearn provides out-of-the-box supervised machine learning. Built around the scikit-learn machine learning library, auto-sklearn automatically searches for the right learning algorithm for a new machine learning dataset and optimizes its hyperparameters. Thus, it frees the machine learning practitioner from these tedious tasks and allows her to focus on the real problem.
Homepage: https://automl.github.io/auto-sklearn/master/
Related Software: Auto-WEKA; SMAC; Scikit; Python; Spearmint; TPOT; Hyperopt; OpenML; UCI-ml; SATzilla; Paramils; WEKA; GitHub; XGBoost; claspfolio 2; irace; Hyperband; AlexNet; ImageNet; CIFAR
Cited in: 24 Publications

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