swMATH ID: 3318
Software Authors: Lu, Nan; Huang, Zheng-Hai
Description: Convergence of a non-interior continuation algorithm for the monotone SCCP It is well known that the symmetric cone complementarity problem (SCCP) is a broad class of optimization problems which contains many optimization problems as special cases. Based on a general smoothing function, we propose in this paper a non-interior continuation algorithm for solving the monotone SCCP. The proposed algorithm solves at most one system of linear equations at each iteration. By using the theory of Euclidean Jordan algebras, we show that the algorithm is globally linearly and locally quadratically convergent under suitable assumptions.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/65t6012png35m128/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: symmetric cone complementarity problem; non-interior continuation method; global linear convergence; local quadratic convergence
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