swMATH ID: 33207
Software Authors: David Topping; Paul Connolly; Jonathan Reid
Description: PyBox is a Python based box-model generator and simulator designed for atmospheric chemistry and aerosol studies. The first phase of the PyBox project is to develop a gas phase model, using the reaction information within the Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM) as the basis, coupled with an idealised sectional aerosol model. PyBox also relates component properties, using molecular structural information, through the UManSysProp informatics suite. Any public release will occur according to new processes added, agreement from any partner contributions and/or associated peer-review papers.
Homepage: https://pybox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Source Code: https://github.com/loftytopping/PyBox
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Python; JOSS; Journal of Open Source Software; atmospheric chemistry; aerosol studies; Master Chemical Mechanism; MCM
Related Software: Python; Numba; Assimulo; ThrustRTC; PALM; PyMPDATA; Pencil Code; LCM1D; libcloudph++; superdroplet; pyrcel; Julia; Matlab; PySDM; UManSysProp; F2PY; AtChem; SUNDIALS; PyCHAM
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