swMATH ID: 33333
Software Authors: Francesco Ballarin, Gianluigi Rozza and contributors
Description: The RBniCS Project contains an implementation in FEniCS of several reduced order modelling techniques (and, in particular, certified reduced basis method and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition-Galerkin methods) for parametrized problems. It is ideally suited for an introductory course on reduced basis methods and reduced order modelling, thanks to an object-oriented approach and an intuitive and versatile python interface. To this end, it has been employed in several doctoral courses on ”Reduced Basis Methods for Computational Mechanics”. RBniCS can also be used as a basis for more advanced projects that would like to assess the capability of reduced order models in their existing FEniCS-based software, thanks to the availability of several reduced order methods (such as reduced basis and proper orthogonal decomposition) and algorithms (such as successive constraint method, empirical interpolation method) in the library.
Homepage: https://www.rbnicsproject.org
Dependencies: FEniCS; Python3; numpy; scipy
Keywords: finite element method; reduced order modelling; reduced basis; FEniCS
Related Software: FEniCS; redbKIT; rbMIT; FreeFem++; SyFi; ECLIPSE; MeshIt; GemPy; REDBACK; libMesh; Feel++; DAKOTA; PETSc; Gmsh; IPython; Niftysim; modred; Python; pyMOR; RBmatlab
Cited in: 12 Documents
Further Publications: https://www.rbnicsproject.org/publications.html

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