swMATH ID: 33338
Software Authors: P.Thibault; B. Enders
Description: PtyPy is a framework for scientific ptychography compiled by P.Thibault and B. Enders and licensed under the GPLv2 license. It comprises 7 years of experience in the field of ptychography condensed to a versatile python package. The package covers the whole path of ptychographic analysis after the actual experiment - from data management to reconstruction to visualization. The main idea of ptypy is: “Flexibility and Scalabality through abstraction”. Most often, you will find a class for every concept of ptychography in PtyPy. Using these or other more abstract base classes, new ideas may be developed in a rapid manner without the cumbersome overhead of data management , memory access or distributed computing. Additionally, PtyPy provides a rich set of utilities and helper functions, especially for input/output
Homepage: http://ptycho.github.io/ptypy/
Related Software: CUDA; SHARP; PtychoLib
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