swMATH ID: 33385
Software Authors: Hadka D, Herman J, Reed P, Keller K.
Description: OpenMORDM: An open source framework for many-objective robust decision making. This study introduces a new open source software framework to support bottom-up environmental systems planning under deep uncertainty with a focus on many-objective robust decision making (MORDM), called OpenMORDM. OpenMORDM contains two complementary components: (1) a software application programming interface (API) for connecting planning models to computational exploration tools for many-objective optimization and sensitivity-based discovery of critical deeply uncertain factors; and (2) a web-based visualization toolkit for exploring high-dimensional datasets to better understand system trade-offs, vulnerabilities, and dependencies. ..
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364815215300190
Source Code:  http://github.com/dhadka/OpenMORDM
Related Software: SALib; Exploratory Modeling Workbench; Python; Rhodium
Cited in: 1 Document

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