Exploratory Modeling Workbench

swMATH ID: 33386
Software Authors: Jan H. Kwakkel, M. Jaxa-Rozen, S. Eker, W. Auping, E. Pruyt, C. Hamarat
Description: The Exploratory Modeling Workbench is an open source Python library for exploratory modeling. Exploratory modeling underpins the various model-based approaches for decision making under deep uncertainty. The library can be used to develop interfaces to existing simulation models, define computational experiments to conduct with those models, analyze the results of these experiments, and store the results. The software is available through pip, a Python package manager: pip install ema_workbench. It depends on the Python scientific computing stack (numpy, scipy, matplotlib) as well as seaborn and ipyparallel (both are available through the conda package manager). Optional dependencies are platypus (available through github) for many-objective optimization, SALib (available through the pip package manager) for global sensitivity analysis, and mpld3 (available through conda) for interactive visualizations of PRIM
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364815217301251
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: SALib; OpenMORDM; Python; Rhodium
Referenced in: 2 Publications

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