swMATH ID: 33404
Software Authors: Obermeyer, K.J.
Description: VisiLibity1 is a free open source C++ library for 2D floating-point visibility algorithms, path planning, and supporting data types. It is intended for use in robot and sensor network design software. Other possible applications include, e.g., manufacturing, facility location, architectural/urban planning, games, and education. The entire library consists only of a single compilation unit (one .hpp + one .cpp file) with no dependence on 3rd party libraries. It is therefore suitable for applications where simple visibility and path planning computations are needed but the power of a larger computational geometry library is not necessary. Current Functionality of VisiLibity1 in planar polygonal environments with polygonal holes: visibility polygons; visibility graphs; Euclidean shortest paths for a point; Python, Ruby, and Matlab bindings. Exact/arbitrary precision arithmetic is avoided and robustness is achieved by considering two points to be colocated whenever the Euclidean distance between them is less or equal to a user defined tolerance ε called the robustness constant. If the robustness constant is chosen poorly or the scale of environment features varies too dramatically, library functions can and will return errors. However, provided the user tunes the robustness constant appropriately, we find the library works well for a large range of useful environments
Homepage: https://karlobermeyer.github.io/VisiLibity1/
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