swMATH ID: 33416
Software Authors: Rafal Ablamowicz; Bertfried Fauser
Description: CLIFFORD - A Maple 17 Package for Clifford Algebra Computations. .. Cliplus - extends CLIFFORD to other bases such as the Clifford basis or the dotted wedge basis
Homepage: https://math.tntech.edu/rafal/cliff17/index.html
Dependencies: CLIFFORD
Keywords: context-free languages; context-free grammars; pushdown automata; closure properties; HOL4
Related Software: CLIFFORD; BIGEBRA; SymGroupAlgebra; Octonion; SchurFkt; GfG; GAALOPWeb; Gajit; TbGAL; ganja.js; Garamon; glga; GAPPCO; Numba; Clifford Multivector Toolbox; GMac; Quaternion; Gaigen; Gaalop; CLUCalc
Cited in: 3 Publications

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