swMATH ID: 33423
Software Authors: Wheeler, Mary F.; Wick, Thomas; Lee, Sanghyun
Description: IPACS: integrated phase-field advanced crack propagation simulator. An adaptive, parallel, physics-based-discretization phase-field framework for fracture propagation in porous media. In this work, we review and describe our computational framework for solving multiphysics phase-field fracture problems in porous media. Therein, the following five coupled nonlinear physical models are addressed: displacements (geo-mechanics), a phase-field variable to indicate the fracture position, a pressure equation (to describe flow), a proppant concentration equation, and/or a saturation equation for two-phase fracture flow, and finally a finite element crack width problem. The overall coupled problem is solved with a staggered solution approach, known in subsurface modeling as the fixed-stress iteration. A main focus is on physics-based discretizations. Galerkin finite elements are employed for the displacement-phase-field system and the crack width problem. Enriched Galerkin formulations are used for the pressure equation. Further enrichments using entropy-vanishing viscosity are employed for the proppant and/or saturation equations. A robust and efficient quasi-monolithic semi-smooth Newton solver, local mesh adaptivity, and parallel implementations allow for competitive timings in terms of the computational cost. Our framework can treat two- and three-dimensional realistic field and laboratory examples. The resulting program is an in-house code named IPACS (Integrated Phase-field Advanced Crack Propagation Simulator) and is based on the finite element library deal.II. Representative numerical examples are included in this document.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0045782520303091
Keywords: phase-field fracture; porous media; computer implementation; numerical simulations; handbook; IPACS
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