swMATH ID: 3348
Software Authors: Long, Derek; Fox, Maria
Description: STAN is a domain-independent planner developed within the Strathclyde Planning Group. It has been developed through a succession of versions, currently at version 4. The original version of STAN, based on Graphplan, competed in the first international planning competition at AIPS’98 and demonstrated interesting performance. STAN extended basic Graphplan in several ways, including exploiting a powerful representational structure for the core plan-graph and using a wave-front mechanism to reduce search and graph construction costs once the plan-graph structure reaches a stable state. STAN has also always exploited a parallel domain analysis system, TIM, which can be used as a stand-alone component. The extent to which STAN has used the information TIM can supply has been extended significantly as it has been developed through subsequent versions.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1105.5457
Keywords: STAN; graphplan-based planner
Related Software: Graphplan; Walksat; CPlan; AltAlt; SAPA; PDDL; LPG; RealPlan; Chaff; UCPOP; VHPOP; CUDD; BARON; Mathematica; TorchLight; SPIN; MiniSat; Algorithm 360; Graphviz; Prodigy
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Efficient implementation of the plan graph in STAN. Zbl 0914.68180
Long, Derek; Fox, Maria

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