swMATH ID: 33560
Software Authors: Rainer Schöpf
Description: verbatim - Reimplementation of and extensions to LATEX verbatim. The verbatim package reimplements the LATEX verbatim and verbatim* environments. The package also provides a comment environment (that skips everything between egin{comment} and end{comment}), and a command verbatiminput for typesetting the contents of a file, verbatim. The package is part of the latex-tools bundle in the LATEX required distribution.
Homepage: https://ctan.org/pkg/verbatim
Dependencies: LATEX
Related Software: TeX; LaTeX; xcolor; AMSFonts; amsmath; babel; CTAN; METAFONT; TikZ; epstopdf; graphicx; amsthm; biblatex; amslatex; beamer
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2 Grätzer, George

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