swMATH ID: 33636
Software Authors: Soloveichik, D.
Description: CRNSimulator Mathematica Package: A Mathematica package for working with networks of coupled chemical reactions. It forms a foundation for syntactic manipulation of chemical reaction networks as Mathematica expressions. It allows mixing and matching mass-action kinetics with other kinds of dynamics, and provides a simple way to simulate experiments in which a sequence of chemical additions is performed. It is particularly well-suited for engineered chemical systems, in which chemical reaction networks can be used as a kind of ”programming language”. CRNSimulatorSSA Mathematica Package [BETA]: Extends CRNSimulator to perform Gillespie SSA simulation. The main simulation loop is compiled to C code for speed. Input reactions and initial counts using the same syntax as CRNSimulator.
Homepage: http://users.ece.utexas.edu/%7esoloveichik/crnsimulator.html
Dependencies: Mathematica
Related Software: z3; Mathematica; CRN++
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