swMATH ID: 33646
Software Authors: Giulia Pagano, Otto A. Hannuksela, Tjonnie G. F. Li
Description: lensingGW: a Python package for lensing of gravitational waves. Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo could observe the first lensed gravitational waves in the coming years, while the future Einstein Telescope could observe hundreds of lensed events. Ground-based gravitational-wave detectors can resolve arrival time differences of the order of the inverse of the observed frequencies. As LIGO/Virgo frequency band spans from a few Hz to a few kHz, the typical time resolution of current interferometers is of the order of milliseconds. When microlenses are embedded in galaxies or galaxy clusters, lensing can become more prominent and result in observable time delays at LIGO/Virgo frequencies. Therefore, gravitational waves could offer an exciting alternative probe of microlensing. However, currently, only a few lensing configurations have been worked out in the context of gravitational-wave lensing. In this paper, we present lensingGW, a Python package designed to handle both strong and microlensing of compact binaries and the related gravitational-wave signals. This synergy paves the way for systematic parameter space investigations and the detection of arbitrary lens configurations and compact sources. We demonstrate the working mechanism of lensingGW and its use to study microlenses embedded in galaxies.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.12879
Source Code:  https://gitlab.com/gpagano/lensinggw
Keywords: arXiv_astro-ph.CO; Astrophysics; arXiv_astro-ph.GA; arXiv_astro-ph.HE; arXiv_gr-qc; Python; gravitational lensing; gravitational waves
Related Software: Python; lenstool; GRALE; visilens; gravlens; PixeLens; glafic; PyAutoLens; Astropy; lenstronomy
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lensingGW: a Python package for lensing of gravitational waves arXiv
Giulia Pagano, Otto A. Hannuksela, Tjonnie G. F. Li