swMATH ID: 33671
Software Authors: Andreas Egler, et al.
Description: MusiXTEX - Sophisticated music typesetting. MusiXTEX provides a set of macros, based on the earlier MusicTEX, for typesetting music with TEX. To produce optimal spacing, MusiXTEX is a three-pass system: etex, musixflx, and etex again. (Musixflx is a lua script that is provided in the bundle.) The three-pass process, optionally followed by processing for printed output, is automated by the musixtex wrapper script. The package uses its own specialised fonts, which must be available on the system for musixtex to run. This version of MusiXTEX builds upon work by Andreas Egler, whose own version is no longer being developed. The MusiXTEX macros are universally acknowledged to be challenging to use directly: the pmx preprocessor compiles a simpler input language to MusiXTEX macros.
Homepage: https://ctan.org/pkg/musixtex
Dependencies: LaTeX
Related Software: arabtex; chemsym; treetex; minitoc; fancyhdr; TeX; LaTeX; xcolor; MetaPost
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