swMATH ID: 33704
Software Authors: Christian Feuersänger
Description: pgfplotstable - Loads, rounds, formats and postprocesses numerical tables. Pgfplotstable displays numerical tables rounded to desired precision in various display formats (for example scientific format, fixed point format or integer), using TEX’s mathematical facilities for pretty printing. Furthermore, it provides methods for table postprocessing.
Homepage: https://ctan.org/pkg/pgfplotstable
Dependencies: LaTeX
Keywords: LaTeX; CTAN; table postprocessing
Related Software: PGFPlots; LaTeX; media9; a0poster; beamer; tikzposter; prosper; beamerposter; movie15; flowchart; spreadtab; acrotex; TikZ; microtype; fontspec; acronym; coverpage; tagging; otftotfm; xfrac
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