swMATH ID: 33712
Software Authors: Matthias Mühlich
Description: coverpage - Automatic cover page creation for scientific papers. The package CoverPage was created to supplement scientific papers with a cover page containing bibliographical information, a copyright notice, and/or some logos of the author’s institution. The cover page is created (almost) automatically; this is done by parsing BibTEX information corresponding to the main document and reading a configuration file in which the author can set information like the affiliation he or she is associated with. The cover page consists of header, body and footer; all three are macros which can be redefined using enewcommand, thus allowing easy customization of the package. Additionally, it should be stressed that the cover page layout is totally independent of the main document and its page layout. This package requires four other packages (keyval, url, textcomp, and verbatim), but all of them are standard packages and should be part of every LATEX installation.
Homepage: https://www.ctan.org/pkg/coverpage
Dependencies: LaTeX
Related Software: SIUNITS; microtype; fontspec; acronym; tagging; otftotfm; xfrac; breqn; lastpage; calctab; algorithm2e; pgfplotstable; poemscol; biblatex; TeX; LaTeX; xcolor; amsmath; PGFPlots; todonotes
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1 van Dongen, Marc R. C.

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