swMATH ID: 33715
Software Authors: Robert Schlicht
Description: microtype - Subliminal refinements towards typographical perfection. The package provides a LATEX interface to the micro-typographic extensions that were introduced by pdfTEX and have since also propagated to XETEX and LuaTEX: most prominently, character protrusion and font expansion, furthermore the adjustment of interword spacing and additional kerning, as well as hyphenatable letterspacing (tracking) and the possibility to disable all or selected ligatures.
Homepage: https://ctan.org/pkg/microtype
Dependencies: LaTeX
Related Software: SIUNITS; fontspec; acronym; coverpage; tagging; otftotfm; xfrac; breqn; lastpage; calctab; algorithm2e; pgfplotstable; poemscol; biblatex; TeX; LaTeX; xcolor; amsmath; PGFPlots; todonotes
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1 van Dongen, Marc R. C.

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