swMATH ID: 33728
Software Authors: Werner Lemberg
Description: cjk - CJK language support. CJK is a macro package for LATEX, providing simultaneous support for various Asian scripts in many encodings (including Unicode): Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean and Thai. A special add-on feature is an interface to the Emacs editor (cjk-enc.el) which gives simultaneous, easy-to-use support to a bunch of other scripts in addition to the above — Cyrillic, Greek, Latin-based scripts, Russian and Vietnamese are supported.
Homepage: https://www.ctan.org/pkg/cjk
Dependencies: LaTeX
Related Software: pdfTeX; amsthm; tipa; yfonts; fontinst; xindy; halftone; euler; koma-script; docstrip; kuvio; accents; camel; amsrefs; trace; BibTool; eepic; epic; makeindex; TeX
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