swMATH ID: 33732
Software Authors: Roger Kehr; Joachim Schrod
Description: xindy - A general-purpose index processor. Xindy was developed after an impasse had been encountered in the attempt to complete internationalisation of makeindex. Xindy can be used to process indexes for documents marked up using (LA)TEX, Nroff family and SGML-based languages. Xindy is highly configurable, both in markup terms and in terms of the collating order of the text being processed.
Homepage: https://ctan.org/pkg/xindy
Dependencies: LaTeX
Related Software: pdfTeX; cjk; amsthm; tipa; yfonts; fontinst; halftone; euler; koma-script; docstrip; kuvio; accents; camel; amsrefs; trace; BibTool; eepic; epic; makeindex; TeX
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