swMATH ID: 33752
Software Authors: P. J. J. Luukko, E. Räsänen
Description: Program title: itp2d: Imaginary time propagation code for large-scale two-dimensional eigenvalue problems in magnetic fields. We present a code for solving the single-particle, time-independent Schrödinger equation in two dimensions. Our program utilizes the imaginary time propagation (ITP) algorithm, and it includes the most recent developments in the ITP method: the arbitrary order operator factorization and the exact inclusion of a (possibly very strong) magnetic field. Our program is able to solve thousands of eigenstates of a two-dimensional quantum system in reasonable time with commonly available hardware. The main motivation behind our work is to allow the study of highly excited states and energy spectra of two-dimensional quantum dots and billiard systems with a single versatile code, e.g., in quantum chaos research. In our implementation we emphasize a modern and easily extensible design, simple and user-friendly interfaces, and an open-source development philosophy.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S001046551200327X
Source Code:  https://bitbucket.org/luukko/itp2d/src/master/
Related Software: NanoTCAD ViDES; DDPy; NEMO5; SMEAGOL; transiesta; Kwant; nextnano; h5py; HDF5; NumPy; findiff; SciPy; mpi4py; Python; Tinie
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