swMATH ID: 33756
Software Authors: J. E. Fonseca, T. Kubis, M. Povolotskyi, B. Novakovic, A. Ajoy, G. Hegde, H. Ilatikhameneh, Z. Jiang, P. Sengupta, Y. Tan, G. Klimeck
Description: Efficient and realistic device modeling from atomic detail to the nanoscale. As semiconductor devices scale to new dimensions, the materials and designs become more dependent on atomic details. NEMO5 is a nanoelectronics modeling package designed for comprehending the critical multi-scale, multi-physics phenomena through efficient computational approaches and quantitatively modeling new generations of nanoelectronic devices as well as predicting novel device architectures and phenomena. This article seeks to provide updates on the current status of the tool and new functionality, including advances in quantum transport simulations and with materials such as metals, topological insulators, and piezoelectrics.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10825-013-0509-0
Related Software: SMEAGOL; Kwant; Python; ASE; pybinding; GOLLUM; GPAW; TensorFlow; LAPACK; TBTK; NanoNET; NanoTCAD ViDES; DDPy; transiesta; nextnano; h5py; HDF5; NumPy; findiff; SciPy
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