swMATH ID: 33788
Software Authors: De, S., Ceriotti, M.
Description: Interactive sketchmap visualizer. A software development project to build a web-based interactive platform for analysing a large set of atomic structures and their properties. Sketchmap is a nonlinear dimensionality reduction algorithm which falls under the class of unsupervised machine learning. Although this particular development was done with sketchmap data in mind, any other properties or data associated with atomic structures might be used in a straightforward way.
Homepage: https://zenodo.org/record/3541831#.XwQIGS35yiI
Related Software: CheS-Mapper; ChemMapper; librascal; FUn; QUIP; Jmol; TypeScript; Chemiscope
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Further Publications: http://sketchmap.org/index.html?page=refs