swMATH ID: 33866
Software Authors: Chen, Justin; Dey, Papri
Description: Computing symmetric determinantal representations. We introduce the DeterminantalRepresentations package for Macaulay2, which computes definite symmetric determinantal representations of real polynomials. We focus on quadrics and plane curves of low degree (i.e., cubics and quartics). Our algorithms are geared towards speed and robustness, employing linear algebra and numerical algebraic geometry, without genericity assumptions on the polynomials.
Homepage: http://www2.macaulay2.com/Macaulay2/doc/Macaulay2-1.14/share/doc/Macaulay2/DeterminantalRepresentations/html/index.html
Dependencies: Macaulay2
Keywords: determinantal representations; linear matrix inequalities; plane curves; hyperbolic polynomials
Related Software: Macaulay2
Cited in: 5 Publications

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Computing symmetric determinantal representations. Zbl 1436.11006
Chen, Justin; Dey, Papri

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