swMATH ID: 3390
Software Authors: Sarfraz, Muhammad; Siddiqui, Mohammed Ali
Description: Development of a multi-resolution framework for NUBS The piecewise polynomial B-spline representation is a flexible tool in computer aided geometric design for representing and designing the geometric objects. In the field of computer graphics, computer aided design, or computer aided engineering, a very useful property for a given spline model is to have locally supported basis functions. This allows localized modification of the shape. Unfortunately this property can also become a serious disadvantage when the user wishes to edit the global shape of a complex object. A multi-resolution representation is proposed as a solution to alleviate this problem.par In this work, we propose a multi-resolution representation for Non-Uniform B-Splines (NUBS). The proposed multi-resolution model has three features that it uses control point decimation strategy for decomposing NUBS curves and it is efficient in both time and space utilization. A comparative study of the proposed work is also made with an alternate approach in the literature, which is based upon knot decimation.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0020025503004250
Keywords: B-spline; Multi-resolution; Control point decimation; Wavelets; Knot decimation
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