swMATH ID: 33943
Software Authors: Barry R Zeeberg, Weimin Feng, Geoffrey Wang, May D Wang, Anthony T Fojo, Margot Sunshine, Sudarshan Narasimhan, David W Kane, William C Reinhold, Samir Lababidi, et al
Description: GoMiner: a resource for biological interpretation of genomic and proteomic data. We have developed GoMiner, a program package that organizes lists of ’interesting’ genes (for example, under- and overexpressed genes from a microarray experiment) for biological interpretation in the context of the Gene Ontology. GoMiner provides quantitative and statistical output files and two useful visualizations. The first is a tree-like structure analogous to that in the AmiGO browser and the second is a compact, dynamically interactive ’directed acyclic graph’. Genes displayed in GoMiner are linked to major public bioinformatics resources.
Homepage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC154579/
Related Software: R; AEenrich; CRAN
Cited in: 0 Publications