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Software Authors: Kim, C.; Choi, B.; Kim, K.; Han, S.
Description: The differentiated call processing based on the simple priority-scheduling algorithm in SIP6 We proposed and implemented a differentiated call processing mechanism in SIP6 (Session Initiation Protocol based on IPv6) implemented by this paper. In order to satisfy the service quality in VoIPv6, call quality and call setup quality should be provided in the Internet. End-to-end QoS for call quality and call setup quality in the VoIP Server like to gatekeeper/gateway, SIP Proxy Server, and SIP Redirect Server are essential. In order to support the end-to-end QoS, RSVP, and DiffServ proposed by IETF have been used. Nevertheless, call setup quality for call processing in VoIP Server has not been supported in the current VoIP systems. To solve this problem, we proposed a concept of differentiated call processing mechanism in SIP6 Server. For differentiating services, we use the Flow Label field of the IPv6 header and the predefined service levels. In this paper, we presented the design and implementation of SIP6. We explain the simple priority-scheduling algorithm that is applied to support QoS call processing. We also demonstrated the better performance by supporting the differentiated call processing service to satisfy the user’s required QoS.
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