swMATH ID: 34195
Software Authors: Julia Handl; Joshua Knowles; Douglas B. Kell
Description: Computational cluster validation in post-genomic data analysis. Results: This review paper aims to familiarize the reader with the battery of techniques available for the validation of clustering results, with a particular focus on their application to post-genomic data analysis. Synthetic and real biological datasets are used to demonstrate the benefits, and also some of the perils, of analytical cluster validation. Availability: The software used in the experiments is available at http://dbkgroup.org/handl/clustervalidation/
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article/21/15/3201/195678
Related Software: R; Silhouettes; clusfind; UCI-ml; mclust; AS 136; cclust; MOCK; clValid; apcluster; DatabionicSwarm; APCluster; CRAN; flexclust; clusterCrit; cluster (R); KEGG; DESeq2; PICNIC; k-means++
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