swMATH ID: 34208
Software Authors: Stoll, G.; Caron, B.; Viara, E.; Dugourd, A.; Zinovyev, A.; Naldi, A.; Kroemer, G.; Barillot, E.; Calzone, L.
Description: MaBoSS is a C++ software for simulating continuous/discrete time Markov processes, applied on a Boolean network. MaBoSS uses a specific language for associating transition rates to each node. Given some initial conditions, MaBoSS applies Monte-Carlo kinetic algorithm (or Gillespie algorithm) to the network to produce time trajectories. Time evolution of probabilities are estimated. In addition, global and semi-global characterizations of the whole system are computed.
Homepage: https://maboss.curie.fr
Related Software: BoolNet; R; GitHub; Ginsim; Pint; BioLQM; PyBoolNet; usefun; Cellnoptr; emba; Gurobi; expansion-network; REDfly; Python; z3
Cited in: 3 Publications
Further Publications: https://maboss.curie.fr

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