swMATH ID: 34292
Software Authors: Wang, Y.; Liu, X.; Robbins, K.; Rekaya, R.
Description: AntEpiSeeker: Epistatic interactions of multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are now believed to affect individual susceptibility to common diseases. The detection of such interactions, however, is a challenging task in large scale association studies. The ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO) has been shown to be useful in detecting epistatic interactions. AntEpiSeeker, a new two-stage ant colony optimization algorithm, is a powerful and efficient tool for detecting epistasis in a case-control design.
Homepage: http://nce.ads.uga.edu/~romdhane/AntEpiSeeker/index.html
Related Software: SFAPS; chifish; MACOED; FAACOSE; eQTL epistasis; IMPUTE
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