swMATH ID: 34391
Software Authors: Victor Dibia
Description: NeuralQA: A Usable Library for Question Answering (Contextual Query Expansion + BERT) on Large Datasets. Existing tools for Question Answering (QA) have challenges that limit their use in practice. They can be complex to set up or integrate with existing infrastructure, do not offer configurable interactive interfaces, and do not cover the full set of subtasks that frequently comprise the QA pipeline (query expansion, retrieval, reading, and explanation/sensemaking). To help address these issues, we introduce NeuralQA - a usable library for QA on large datasets. NeuralQA integrates well with existing infrastructure (e.g., ElasticSearch instances and reader models trained with the HuggingFace Transformers API) and offers helpful defaults for QA subtasks. It introduces and implements contextual query expansion (CQE) using a masked language model (MLM) as well as relevant snippets (RelSnip) - a method for condensing large documents into smaller passages that can be speedily processed by a document reader model. Finally, it offers a flexible user interface to support workflows for research explorations (e.g., visualization of gradient-based explanations to support qualitative inspection of model behaviour) and large scale search deployment. Code and documentation for NeuralQA is available as open source on Github.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/2007.15211
Source Code:  https://github.com/victordibia/neuralqa
Keywords: arXiv_cs.CL; Artificial Intelligence; arXiv_cs.AI; arXiv_cs.HC; Information Retrieval; arXiv_cs.IR; BERT; Question Answering; Large Datasets
Related Software: Birch; RankQA; AllenNLP; Seq2Seq-Vis; spaCy; Anomagram; BERT
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NeuralQA: A Usable Library for Question Answering (Contextual Query Expansion + BERT) on Large Datasets
Victor Dibia