Stable Baselines

swMATH ID: 34408
Software Authors: Hill, A., Raffin, A., Ernestus, M., Gleave, A., Traore, R., Dhariwal, P., Hesse, C., Klimov, O., Nichol, A., Plappert, M., Radford, A., Schulman, J., Sidor, S., Wu, Y.
Description: Stable Baselines is a set of improved implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms based on OpenAI Baselines.
Homepage: https://stable-baselines.readthedocs.io/en/master/
Source Code: https://github.com/hill-a/stable-baselines
Related Software: GitHub; OpenAI Gym; MuJoCo; CMA-ES; RLlib; TensorFlow; PyTorch; Keras; MushroomRL; rlpyt; ChainerRL; Python; QT-Opt; Adam; AlphaZero; Hyperopt; EGO; Hyperband; BoTorch; BOHB
Cited in: 14 Publications

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