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Software Authors: Hosea, M.E.; Shampine, L.F.
Description: Analysis and implementation of TR-BDF2 This paper deals with the successful and popular one-step method, TR-BDF2, for the solution of systems of ordinary differential equations arising in circuit and device simulation [see {it R. E. Bank}, {it W. M. Coughran jun.}, {it W. Fichtner}, {it E. H. Grosse}, {it D. J. Rose} and {it R. K. Smith}, Transient simulation of silicon devices and circuits, IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Design 4, 436-451 (1985)]. This method can be viewed as an embedded diagonally implicit Runge-Kutta pair of orders 2 and 3. A detailed inspection yields new results on stability, continuous extension, implementation and on improved local error estimates. Numerical examples show the effectiveness of the refined method.
Homepage: http://ecolego.facilia.se/ecolego/show/TR-BDF2
Keywords: numerical examples; one-step method; TR-BDF2; systems; embedded diagonally implicit Runge-Kutta pair; stability; continuous extension; error estimates
Related Software: RODAS; Matlab; MATLAB ODE suite; ode23s; ode113; Ode15s; ode45; ode23; CHORAL; FreeFem++; MEBDF; VODE; ParaDiag; PARALAAOMPI; MGRIT; pyParareal; iFEM; TAPENADE; BEESCOUT; BEEHAVE
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Analysis and implementation of TR-BDF2. Zbl 0859.65076
Hosea, M. E.; Shampine, L. F.
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