swMATH ID: 3451
Software Authors: Gupta, S.N.; Zubair, M.; Grosch, C.E.
Description: A multigrid algorithm for parallel computers: CPMG The authors suggest a new parallel multigrid algorithm and show that the algorithm has nearly the same convergence rate as the \(V\)-cycle multigrid algorithm for those problems for which the initial error is distributed over all frequency modes. The algorithm has been successfully implemented on a parallel machine. It is shown that the algorithm is about 17 percent faster than the standard \(V\)-cycle algorithm.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/u531076556q3n252/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: parallel multigrid algorithm; convergence rate; \(V\)-cycle multigrid algorithm
Related Software: Wesseling
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A multigrid algorithm for parallel computers: CPMG. Zbl 0777.65053
Gupta, S. N.; Zubair, M.; Grosch, C. E.

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