swMATH ID: 34524
Software Authors: Hoffman, Neil; Ichihara, Kazuhiro; Kashiwagi, Masahide; Masai, Hidetoshi; Oishi, Shin’ichi; Takayasu, Akitoshi
Description: HIKMOT is a python module that can be used for verified computations for hyperbolic 3-manifolds. This is based on the procedure in the following paper: Verified computations for hyperbolic 3-manifolds. For a given cusped 3-manifold M admitting an ideal triangulation, we describe a method to rigorously prove that either M or a filling of M admits a complete hyperbolic structure via verified computer calculations. Central to our method are an implementation of interval arithmetic and Krawczyk’s Test. These techniques represent an improvement over existing algorithms as they are faster, while accounting for error accumulation in a more direct and user friendly way.
Homepage: http://www.oishi.info.waseda.ac.jp/~takayasu/hikmot/
Dependencies: Python
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