swMATH ID: 34815
Software Authors: T. Nutma
Description: SimpLie: a simple program for Lie algebras. SimpLie is an easy-to-use program for Lie algebra. It has been specifically written for level decompositions of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, but it is not limited to that task. Its current features are: Calculation of Lie algebra properties based on Dynkin diagrams; Calculation of highest weight representations; Level decompositions; Visualization of root systems by means of [Screenshots Coxeter projections and Hasse diagrams].
Homepage: https://github.com/teake/simplie
Source Code:  https://github.com/teake/simplie
Related Software: GitHub
Cited in: 5 Publications
Further Publications: https://github.com/teake/simplie/blob/wiki/Papers.md

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