swMATH ID: 34816
Software Authors: Maierhöfer, P.; Usovitsch, J.; Uwer, P.
Description: Kira - A Feynman integral reduction program. n this article, we present a new implementation of the Laporta algorithm to reduce scalar multi-loop integrals—appearing in quantum field theoretic calculations—to a set of master integrals. We extend existing approaches by using an additional algorithm based on modular arithmetic to remove linearly dependent equations from the system of equations arising from integration-by-parts and Lorentz identities. Furthermore, the algebraic manipulations required in the back substitution are optimized. We describe in detail the implementation as well as the usage of the program. In addition, we show benchmarks for concrete examples and compare the performance to Reduze 2 and FIRE 5. In our benchmarks we find that Kira is highly competitive with these existing tools.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1705.05610
Related Software: Reduze; LiteRed; FIRE; FIRE5; Azurite; FIESTA; FORM; pySecDec; AIR; Fuchsia; SecDec; FireFly; HyperInt; FiniteFlow; epsilon; CutTools; AMBRE; Fermat; Mathematica; Axodraw
Cited in: 20 Publications

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