swMATH ID: 34946
Software Authors: Kouri DP, von Winckel G, Ridzal D
Description: Rapid Optimization Library (ROL) is a C++ package for large-scale optimization. It is used for the solution of optimal design, optimal control and inverse problems in large-scale engineering applications. Other uses include mesh optimization and image processing.
Homepage: https://docs.trilinos.org/dev/packages/rol/doc/html/index.html
Related Software: PETSc; SQPlab; PLCP; TRON; Matlab; CutFEM; PolyTop; DOLFIN; hypre; TSFC; Gmsh; Python; PT-Scotch; MUMPS; FreeFem++; ParaView; FEniCS; OpenFOAM; Firedrake; Fireshape
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