swMATH ID: 3502
Software Authors: He, Dan; Li, Zhi-shu
Description: Compression algorithm of text files based on LZSS. A new algorithm based on LZSS is proposed. The algorithm creates an effective organized cache to store frequent phrases. It not only decreases the cost time of compression and decompression, but also improves compression performance. It is proved that the new algorithm is better than LZSS in text compression.
Homepage: http://pub.chinasciencejournal.com/article/getArticle.action?articleId=6767
Keywords: LZ77; LZSS; compression; phrase; cache; memory; hashing
Related Software: Canterbury; BSDiff; XMill; OEIS; Matlab
Cited in: 3 Publications

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Compression algorithm of text files based on LZSS. Zbl 1180.68158
He, Dan; Li, Zhi-shu

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