swMATH ID: 3511
Software Authors: Varró, Dániel; Balogh, András
Description: The model transformation language of the VIATRA2 framework. We present the model transformation language of the VIATRA2 framework, which provides a rule- and pattern-based transformation language for manipulating graph models by combining graph transformation and abstract state machines into a single specification paradigm. This language offers advanced constructs for querying (e.g. recursive graph patterns) and manipulating models (e.g. generic transformation and meta-transformation rules) in unidirectional model transformations frequently used in formal model analysis to carry out powerful abstractions.
Homepage: http://wiki.eclipse.org/VIATRA2
Keywords: model transformation; graph transformation; abstract state machines
Related Software: PROGRES; AGG; Graph transformation benchmarks; VPM; AToM3; GROOVE; Maude; GrGen; GXL; ATL; Henshin; Isabelle/HOL; SPIN; Fujaba; AToMPM; Melanee; AGREE; Rodin; ProofPower; CADP
Cited in: 18 Documents

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