swMATH ID: 35127
Software Authors: Anna Vangone, Raffaele Spinelli, Vittorio Scarano, Luigi Cavallo, Romina Oliva
Description: COCOMAPS: a web application to analyze and visualize contacts at the interface of biomolecular complexes. Summary: Herein we present COCOMAPS, a novel tool for analyzing, visualizing and comparing the interface in protein–protein and protein–nucleic acids complexes. COCOMAPS combines traditional analyses and 3D visualization of the interface with the effectiveness of intermolecular contact maps. Availability: COCOMAPS is accessible as a public web tool at http://www.molnac.unisa.it/BioTools/cocomaps
Homepage: https://www.molnac.unisa.it/BioTools/cocomaps/
Related Software: AWSEM-MD; Frustratometer; SCOWLP; ProtorP
Cited in: 2 Publications

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