swMATH ID: 3516
Software Authors: Bangerth W, Hartman R, Kanschat G
Description: deal.II is a C++ program library targeted at the computational solution of partial differential equations using adaptive finite elements. It uses state-of-the-art programming techniques to offer you a modern interface to the complex data structures and algorithms required.
The main aim of deal.II is to enable rapid development of modern finite element codes, using among other aspects adaptive meshes and a wide array of tools classes often used in finite element program. Writing such programs is a non-trivial task, and successful programs tend to become very large and complex. We believe that this is best done using a program library that takes care of the details of grid handling and refinement, handling of degrees of freedom, input of meshes and output of results in graphics formats, and the like. Likewise, support for several space dimensions at once is included in a way such that programs can be written independent of the space dimension without unreasonable penalties on run-time and memory consumption.
Homepage: http://www.dealii.org/
Keywords: discontinuous Galerkin; finite elements
Related Software: Trilinos; PETSc; FEniCS; p4est; UMFPACK; FreeFem++; libMesh; Gmsh; DOLFIN; SLEPc; DUNE; ParaView; MUMPS; ML; hypre; Python; Firedrake; METIS; LAPACK; MFEM
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Further Publications: http://www.dealii.org/developer/index.html
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