swMATH ID: 35219
Software Authors: Dominik Rafacz, Hubert Baniecki, Szymon Maksymiuk, Mateusz Bakala
Description: R package deepdep: Visualise and Explore the Deep Dependencies of R Packages. Provides tools for exploration of R package dependencies. The main deepdep() function allows to acquire deep dependencies of any package and plot them in an elegant way. It also adds some popularity measures for the packages e.g. in the form of download count through the ’cranlogs’ package. Uses the CRAN metadata database <http://crandb.r-pkg.org> and Bioconductor metadata <http://bioconductor.org>. Other data acquire functions are: get_dependencies(), get_downloads() and get_description(). The deepdep_shiny() function runs shiny application that helps to produce a nice ’deepdep’ plot.
Homepage: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/deepdep/index.html
Dependencies: R
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