swMATH ID: 35225
Software Authors: Fanfarillo, A.; Burnus, T.; Cardellini, V.; Filippone, S.; Nagle, D.; Rouson, D.
Description: OpenCoarrays is an open-source software project that produces an application binary interface (ABI) used by the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Fortran front-end to build executable programs that leverage the parallel programming features of Fortran 2018.
Homepage: http://www.opencoarrays.org
Source Code:  https://github.com/sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays
Related Software: CoArray; ParaDRAM; QUESO; MCSim; ParaMonte; Atlas; MPDATA; Alya; PPM; Gpfaft; MPI
Cited in: 3 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.opencoarrays.org/publications.html

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