swMATH ID: 35398
Software Authors: Sekiguchi, T.; Okamoto, M.
Description: We developed the biochemical reaction simulator called WinBEST-KIT (Biochemical Engineering System analyzing Tool-KIT, which runs under Microsoft Windows) for analyzing complicated biochemical reaction systems such as metabolic pathways. WinBEST-KIT provides an integrated simulation environment for experimental researchers. A particularly notable feature is that users can define the original mathematical equations representing unknown kinetic mechanisms and customize them as the reaction steps of GUI components. We believe that WinBEST-KIT will become one of the most efficient biochemical reaction simulators for experimental researchers.
Homepage: http://www.winbest-kit.org
Related Software: ESSYNS; Simpathica; SoftCADS; PLMaddon; MetMAP; MACSYMA; BRENDA; KEGG; TETRAD; gNCA; MetaCyc
Cited in: 3 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.winbest-kit.org/publications.html

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