swMATH ID: 35450
Software Authors: EthicalML
Description: XAI - An eXplainability toolbox for machine learning. XAI is a Machine Learning library that is designed with AI explainability in its core. XAI contains various tools that enable for analysis and evaluation of data and models. The XAI library is maintained by The Institute for Ethical AI & ML, and it was developed based on the 8 principles for Responsible Machine Learning. You can find the documentation at https://ethicalml.github.io/xai/index.html. You can also check out our talk at Tensorflow London where the idea was first conceived - the talk also contains an insight on the definitions and principles in this library.
Homepage: https://ethicalml.github.io/xai/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/EthicalML/xai
Related Software: InterpretML; Alibi Explain; AI Explainability 360; Espresso; NIMEFI; auto-sklearn; dalex; Python; EFI; tf-explain; iNNvestigate; Alibi; ELI5; Captum; Skater; shap; modelStudio; iml; DALEX; H2O
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