swMATH ID: 35451
Software Authors: Janis Klaise, Arnaud Van Looveren, Giovanni Vacanti, Alexandru Coca
Description: Alibi is an open source Python library aimed at machine learning model inspection and interpretation. The focus of the library is to provide high-quality implementations of black-box, white-box, local and global explanation methods for classification and regression models.
Homepage: https://docs.seldon.io/projects/alibi/en/latest/
Source Code:  https://github.com/SeldonIO/alibi
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: InterpretML; AI Explainability 360; TensorFlow; H2O; modelStudio; DALEX; shap; Python; Alibi Explain; iNNvestigate; Captum; GitHub; Plotly; Arena; NumPy; Fairlearn; AIF360; PDPbox; LightGBM; XGBoost
Cited in: 1 Document

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