DEA Toolbox

swMATH ID: 35584
Software Authors: Álvarez, Inmaculada C.; Barbero, Javier and Zofío, José L
Description: DEA Toolbox: Data Envelopment Analysis Toolbox is a new package for MATLAB that includes functions to calculate efficiency and productivity measures. The package covers the radially oriented, directional, additive, allocative, Malmquist índices and Malmquist-Luenberger formulations.
Homepage: http://www.deatoolbox.com
Source Code:  https://github.com/javierbarbero/DEAMATLAB
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: jstatsoft.org; Matlab; DEA; Data Envelopment Analysis; distance functions; technical efficiency; DEA Toolbox
Related Software: FEAR; Matlab; rDEA; nonparaeff; Stata; npsf; Python; pyStoNED; SciPy; pandas; sfa; pyDEA; MINOS; Mosek; Matplotlib; NumPy; GAMS; frontiles; sfaR; CPLEX
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